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Motivational keynote speaker Roger Crawford was born with what many would consider an insurmountable physical disability. Nevertheless, he has defied the odds and lived a life of extraordinary possibility. His life story powerfully exemplifies the idea that by eliminating excuses, you can increase results and achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

Today, he shares his transformational message with thought leaders and organizations around the globe, giving them the ability to accelerate performance, win through change, and develop an unbeatable mindset.  If you’re looking to make your next event a game-changing experience, let Roger Crawford’s remarkable perspective inspire your team to win, no matter what! It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience your audience will never forget.

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Inspiring Others to Move Beyond Acceptable to Achieve the Exceptional.

The Power of a Winning Mindset!

Change Your Mindset. Change Your Results.

Winning Through Change!

How to see Change as an Opportunity.

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Roger Crawford Best-Selling AuthorHelped Over One Million People Achieve Winning Results!

Think Again

The Power Of Possibility Thinking

Playing From the Heart

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity

How High Can You Bounce

Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks

About Roger CrawfordFrom Center Court To Center Stage!

How does someone despite the apparent disadvantage of four impaired limbs, become an NCAA Division One Hall of Fame Athlete? The answer has inspired over three thousand audiences worldwide.

Sports Illustrated has recognized Roger Crawford as... "one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world!" Roger discovered not only how to compete but how to win against able-bodied athletes! In recognition of his extraordinary athletic achievements, Roger is the recipient of the prestigious ITA Achievement Award presented by the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Roger’s success achieved on Center Court lead him to a career on Center Stage. As one of most sought after speakers in the world today...

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How to Decrease Excuses and Increase Results!

My life experience has taught me that having a physical handicap won’t necessarily disable you; however, the habit of excuse-making surely will. All of us, regardless of our circumstances in life, can convince ourselves that we have a good excuse. However, excuses create a self-imposed handicap that is guaranteed to disable your performance and motivation. […]


4 Tips for Discovering Your Sweet Spot

On the tennis court, world-class players know exactly where the sweet spot of the racket is located and strive to strike the ball within that zone every time. Here’s why: Hitting the sweet spot generates maximum power, allows more control of the ball, and feels awesome. You accomplish all of this with the least amount […]


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