Change Your Perspective; Change Your Results

A highlight of my career was becoming friends and playing tennis with best-selling author, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. My favorite quote of his: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” These insightful words remind us that we can change our perspective, and it can change our results!

Perspective is defined as a particular attitude or a way of thinking about circumstances. Our perspective is the window through which we view our life’s experiences.

How to change your mindset and attitude

Why is a positive perspective so powerful and a must-have for success?

1. The way you choose to see things controls how you feel.
2. How you feel determines how you act.
3. Your action is what produces results.

When you choose a positive perspective, it gives you the mindset and motivation to make positive changes. You won’t let negative excuses hold you back from being your very best. You stop blaming other people or bad luck and start focusing on thoughts, attitudes, and achievement.

When someone with a negative perspective encounters challenges, they ask, “Why me?” and find problems. A person with a positive perspective faces challenges and asks, “What can I do to overcome this?” and they find solutions.

This book can help you change your perspective,
so you can identify your pessimism and then think more clearly on what is possible!

For example, the Kauffman Foundation sponsored a study that found more than half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list launched during a recession or bear market. Think Microsoft and Apple, who saw opportunity amid difficult economic times in the 1970s. The fact is: Our perspective is what determines our prospects for success, regardless of external conditions.

How you see tomorrow will determine your motivation today.

Change your perspective by:

1. Making it a habit to notice the positive in your life

We have all met someone who has the habit of always focusing on the negative. No matter how good something is, they can see the bad. They have trained themselves to find the negative and are really good at it. So, instead, train your brain to be even better at focusing on the positive, and that will shape your perspective.

Are there situations that make us angry or sad? Of course. But if we intentionally look for the good in life, we realize there are many things to feel passionate, joyful, and excited about. It’s up to us to decide which things, the positive or the negative, we will focus on.

2. Practicing gratitude

When you live life always looking for something wrong or dwelling on what you don’t have, it’s easy to overlook what’s right and forget your blessings.

When I am coaching someone, I ask them to share their successes. I often hear, “I succeeded in this, but anyone could do that.” They are minimizing what they have accomplished and are unable to appreciate what they’ve done.

My response is, “Perhaps anyone could do that, but not everyone would have the courage.” Your perspective becomes more positive when you are grateful for your abilities and what you have achieved.

As you move forward, remember: Life is all about perspective.

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