Become A Possibility Thinker By Cleaning Your Closet!

Have you ever had a closet full of nothing to wear? That was my dilemma. I wear an odd size. Because I have very short arms and legs, I am not an off-the-rack kind of guy. Let’s put it this way… the only person who wears the same size as me is a dachshund!

This has been a continual challenge, especially with my hectic travel schedule. In my profession I have to be presentable, so my solution was to buy anything that sort of fit and make do. If something actually fit, I’d wear it until it fell to pieces. If nothing fit, I’d go out and buy something new. Eventually, the closets were bursting. Yet, the more clothes I had, the harder it was to get dressed.

One day, my wife Kathryn had had enough. She insisted I get rid of everything that was worn-out, outdated or that didn’t fit. Furthermore, following this radical purge, I was not allowed to buy more clothes. “You’ll find you have everything you need and more,” she assured me.

Very reluctantly, I began to sort through my clothes, and it was amazing! Clothes kept appearing like clowns from one of those clown cars, and I kept saying, “Now, where did that come from?” And an astonishing thing happened. After the big purge, it was as if I had a whole new wardrobe of clothes I couldn’t remember buying. Kathryn was right (as always); my clothing struggle of finding something acceptable to wear was over until I wore out all the “new” clothes that I had rediscovered. Only then was I found back at the department store.

When you get rid of useless clutter, you often discover that you already have most, if not all, of what you really need. Here’s how that applies to discovering possibilities: As you analyze your past and your present, think about what you can let go of so that you can find something new. Do you have beliefs that are worn out or outdated? Have you outgrown low expectations of yourself? Perhaps you are clothing yourself in actions and attitudes that no longer fit.

Here are some unfashionable thinking habits you may no longer need:

“I’ve been dealt a bad hand, so why bother?”

“I tried, but I don’t have what it takes.”

“People like me can only dream about that.”

“Other people get all the breaks.”

Dump obsolete beliefs. Here are some innovative thinking habits to help discover new possibilities:

“I’m starting with a new deck.”

“I’ve learned a lot for my next try.”

“Dreaming is just the beginning.”

“My unique perspectives give me the edge.”

Maybe it’s time to purge the old way of thinking that has been obscuring your view of possibilities, and limiting your potential. It’s time to think again, clothed in a whole new wardrobe!

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