4 tips for discovering your sweet spot

If you’ve ever taken a tennis lesson, you’ve probably heard the pro say, “Watch the ball!” Here’s why: The coach wants you to strike the ball as close to the sweet spot of the racket as possible. Hitting the sweet spot generates maximum power and allows more control of the ball, with the least amount of effort. You could have the same swing, preparation, and strength, but if you miss the sweet spot, you will lose momentum and velocity.

The goal of hitting the sweet spot is relevant off the tennis court as well. When we know where the sweet spot is and work within that area, we are more in command, more energized, and most effective. We maintain our energy because it feels effortless. Conversely, if we consistently miss the sweet spot, we feel uninspired and discouraged.

If we closely examine the success of world-class performers, we will likely find they work within their sweet spot. They often achieve exceptional results, yet somehow make it seem effortless.

Your sweet spot is more than a skill — it’s your unique power, inspired by passion, and driven by a sense of what’s possible.

Your sweet spot is where your ambition, passion, and strength are all in alignment. When they intersect, you experience greater success and have more fun in the process. Take time to do some self-reflection to see how your passions, power, and possibilities can help determine your sweet spot.

Here are 4 tips for discovering your sweet spot.

You have a sweet spot

Some people haven’t found theirs because they don’t think they have one, don’t recognize they have one, or have never tried to find one. Everyone has their own unique sweet spot, and only that person can decide where it is. Remember, you can do something in a way that no one else can. Billions of people have walked this earth, and no one has a sweet spot exactly like yours.

As I say in my presentations, “No one can be successful doing everything, but all of us can be successful doing something!”

When we utilize the power of our gifts, our energy increases and we perform at our very best. Conversely, if we are not leveraging the power of our gifts, our passion will suffer and we will achieve mediocre results.

You can discover your talents and gifts by staying in touch with your emotions. What activities are you engaged in that provide the greatest satisfaction and happiness? If we are going to find our sweet spot, we need to articulate the areas we are most gifted.

Look at where you have been

We have all heard that you can’t live in the past. That is true; however, we can learn a great deal about our sweet spot from the past. As you look back on your life, where have you consistently found fulfillment? Perhaps it was fixing something, problem solving, or mastering technology.

Now, what were the activities in your past in which you flourished? In other words, regardless of any obstacles, when were you wildly successful? When you identify the areas in your life where you both flourished and found fulfillment, you will begin discovering your sweet spot.

What would you do for free?

We all have something in our lives that is so enjoyable that financial rewards are insignificant. Granted, it is difficult to find work that is completely within your sweet spot. A more realistic goal is to find a career in which you are working within your sweet spot the majority of the time.

For me, it is public speaking, and I am sure meeting planners would like to know this before they book me! It is important to understand that no one can escape doing tasks that we don’t particularly enjoy, but are necessary.

A task is something you drag yourself to do; a passion is something you are driven to do. High achievers design their lives so the majority of their time is spent doing what they love, and is, therefore, more productive. They understand that it requires less effort to overcome their obstacles and stay inspired when they are working within their sweet spot.

This is because goals require an intellectual commitment, whereas passion requires an emotional commitment. When we are emotionally invested in our work, we feel motivated and energized.

Don’t dwell on your sour spot

Once you find your sweet spot, don’t spend time trying to work on your sour spot. Here’s why: If you try to fix an area of weakness, you may go from being awful to average.

However, if you work within your sweet spot, you can move from middling to magnificent. I was born with one finger on my right hand, and two fingers on my left hand, so naturally playing the piano was a sour spot. Instead of seeing this as a disadvantage, however, I focused on my advantage — my sweet spot.

One more thought: Once you have discovered your unique gifts and talents, make the commitment to sweeten your sweet spot. Look for ways to improve who you are and what you do continually. This will take your results from excellent to extraordinary.

Limitless possibilities are all around us. The key is finding possibilities that align with your sweet spot, rather than trying to alter your sweet spot to fit the possibility. You have a future filled with promise and possibilities! Think of what you will accomplish when you focus on your sweet spot.

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