How to Follow Through on What you Start

One common denominator I have found in people who achieve uncommon success is that they consistently finish what they start. Your ability to follow through is one of the most important skills you need to achieve your very best.

On the tennis court, follow-through refers to fully completing your stroke. Doing this gives you the ability to generate maximum power and better accuracy when you hit the ball.

Follow-through in life provides the same benefits. You maximize opportunities, have more control, and are more effective.

Here are three tennis principles to help you follow through on what you start:

Reduce Unforced Errors. Mistakes are a fact of life; the key is to reduce their frequency. An unforced error is not caused by your opponent but is often caused by your response to competitive pressure. We’ve all been there. Your muscles tighten, you start performing tentatively, and your mouth is so dry it feels like you’ve swallowed a cashmere sweater. During these times, remember that perception of your circumstances is a choice. Choose to see competition as a way to realize your potential, play your best, and have fun. This mindset will reduce both unforced errors and anxiety. You will then play to win instead of playing not to lose.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball. On and off the court, you will encounter unexpected distractions, obstacles, and changes. These can be discouraging, but you can sustain motivation by having a laser-like focus on your desired outcome. When you keep your eye on the ball, you can move past the temporary setbacks and inevitable challenges to stay on track. My valued friend and leadership expert Mark Sanborn says, “Focus and determination beat brains and intellect every time. Your power lies in your ability to focus on doing what is important.”

Find a Good Doubles Partner. Tennis, as well as success, is typically viewed as an individual endeavor. The truth, however, is that no one does it alone. We all need a good doubles partner. Seek out partners who will offer insight, inspiration, and accountability. Here’s why. There will be times when your motivation and courage will be tested. A good doubles partner will remind you of what you have accomplished and will help you keep your goals in sight as you work to make them a reality. This will help you regain momentum, resist negativity, and refocus on what you want to achieve.

You have everything you need to realize your dreams! Begin today. Focus on what you want, play to win, and find others to lift you up along the way!

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