One Leg and A Positive Attitude!

Many of you were inspired by Marc Krajekian’s remarkable story featured on Tennis Channel. Marc was introduced to tennis as a young boy and fell in love with the game, but at the age of ten, the unexpected happened. Marc was diagnosed with cancer and his left leg had to be amputated. You may be wondering what kept his mindset positive and his courage strong as he faced the challenge of losing a limb. He said, “I thought about how much I loved tennis and wanted to get back on the court!” Well, Marc is not only back on the court, but has lived every tennis player’s dream! He has played tennis with both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal!

Marc’s story shows us that one leg and a positive attitude is more powerful than two legs and a negative attitude. When Marc met adversity, he didn’t say, “Can’t” – instead, he said, “How!”

What a great reminder that the choices you make are more powerful than the circumstances you face!

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