Play To Win in 2018!

The beginning of a New Year is significant because it provides us a fresh opportunity to set ambitious goals and reach new levels of achievement. My wish for you is that 2018 be a game-changing year filled with promise and possibility.
How can we play to win in 2018?

Here are four ideas that I hope will propel you to great success in the coming year:

1. Choice, Not Chance, Determines Success.
People who achieve their very best don’t get there by chance; they get there by choice. If you rely on chance, your best hope is dumb luck, winning the lottery, or finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

To have a phenomenal 2018, take time to choose precise goals and develop a concise plan to reach them. It is important you choose goals that align with your purpose, natural gifts, and value system. This will ensure you are working within your sweet spot which means greater satisfaction, productivity, and success.

2. Plus It!
The great Walt Disney coined the phrase “Plus it!” to inspire his employees to take their work and make it even better. Typically, we don’t think of the word plus as a verb. That, however, was Disney’s way of saying, “You can reach higher.” He challenged his team to imagine the possibilities first and then think again about how they could improve. That mindset motivated his people to take the acceptable, make it exceptional, then plus it to make it spectacular!

As you are setting goals for 2018, ask yourself this question: How can I plus it? In other words, are you dreaming big enough or underestimating what you could accomplish? Walt Disney reminds us that the difference between acceptable and exceptional results is usually not talent, skill, or opportunity. The difference is in how we think about what’s possible.

3. Focus On What You Can Control. We have all experienced setting a goal and, because of something unexpected, being unable to achieve our objective. Some would view this as a failure and then give up on their dreams. Others measure success differently and, as a result, maintain motivation regardless of the circumstances.

When I was coaching tennis, I had my players set both performance and outcome goals. Performance goals focus on the individual performance. They are the attributes needed to achieve, such as motivation, focus, and confidence.

You can control performance goals, but outcome goals are not under your control. Outcome goals focus strictly on winning and losing or specific results of competition.

To remain inspired and motivated in 2018, define success by what is in your control. For example, we control our effort, mindset, and practice. When we do all three consistently, we will achieve remarkable results regardless of the uncontrollable.

4. Have a New Year Mindset Every day. At the beginning of a new year, we tend to feel excited, refocused, and full of anticipation. Why not intentionally choose that mindset every day of the upcoming year? Perspective and enthusiasm are the only differences between January 1st and any other day of the year.

Wishing you a magnificent 2018!

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