The Power of Focus!

One of the basic fundamentals you learn in the game of tennis is to always keep your eye on the ball. It seems so simple but it’s not easy because there are so many distractions competing for our attention.

Off the court when you set a goal or have a compelling vision for your future, keeping your eye on the ball is equally important.

When we lose our focus, here is what happens:

We allow the insignificant to get in the way of the significant.
We relive the past, rehearse the future, and lose sight of the present.
We emphasize the result instead of the process.

When this happens on or off the court, it’s important to go back to the fundamentals you know so well.

Always keep your eye on the ball!

The fundamentals of a successful tennis stroke are the same for a successful life. Stay focused, be consistent, and follow through!

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