How to Develop a Tough Mindset

Who comes to mind when you think of a person with a tough mindset? Perhaps it is someone who climbed Mount Everest or a participant in the Tough Mudder obstacle race. These are extreme tests of one’s physical toughness, butwhat about the less extreme tests we all encounter such as change or conflict. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s vitally important to develop the mental toughness to face challenges boldly and realize one’s potential?

My definition of a tough mindset is finding the willpower and maintaining the motivation to achieve success no matter what obstacles or disappointments you face. It’s having a crystal clear desire to acquire and then apply the discipline and dedication necessary to reach it.

Here are three ways for you to discover your internal strength, break through external obstacles, and become the best version of yourself.

#1 Test your Toughness.

One way you can improve your results and increase your toughness is by pushing the boundaries of your current skill level. Tough-minded people intentionally choose to reach for the exceptional even when the acceptable is easier. By leaving the known and stepping into the unknown, you can see just how tough you really are. At times, we all underestimate our strength and overestimate our challenges. You can change this mindset by consistently testing the limits of your toughness.

#2 Toughness is an inside job.

Have you ever seen someone at the gym with arms the size of pythons and a neck as thick as a giant sequoia? It’s easy to assume that this human Mack Truck is tough, but that may not always be the case. Having physical strength does not necessarily mean you have a tough mindset. A person may look tough on the outside but crumble on the inside when faced with adversity. We have all known people whose physical strength wasn’t out of the ordinary, but whose inner strength was extraordinary. The ability to hang in there, push your limits, and transcend adversity does not come from your muscles; it comes from your mind.

#3 No Excuses.

Tough-minded people would rather make mistakes than making excuses. They know that excuses make you weak, and progress makes you tough. Even when faced with failure they find a growth opportunity instead of finding excuses. Instead of looking for an excuse they look for information and inspiration that will help them perform better in the future. A tough-minded person sees a challenge as a building block, whereas a person who makes excuses sees the same challenge as a roadblock. The benefit of a no-excuse mindset is discovering the strength and focus needed to influence the course and outcome of your life positively.

Research has shown that a tough mindset is more important than talent or intelligence and is also the single best predictor of your success. The good news? You can choose your mindset no matter what you were born with. A tough mindset will fuel your passion, reinforce your perseverance, and inspire you to fulfill your purpose.

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