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Play To Win in 2018!

The beginning of a New Year is significant because it provides us a fresh opportunity to set ambitious goals and reach new levels of achievement. My wish for you is that 2018 be a game-changing year filled with promise and possibility. How can we play to win in 2018? Here are four ideas that I […]


4 Tips for Discovering Your Sweet Spot

On the tennis court, world-class players know exactly where the sweet spot of the racket is located and strive to strike the ball within that zone every time. Here’s why: Hitting the sweet spot generates maximum power, allows more control of the ball, and feels awesome. You accomplish all of this with the least amount […]


How Passion, Power And Possibility Reveal Your Sweet Spot!

If you have ever taken a tennis lesson you have undoubtedly heard the pro say, “Watch the ball!” Here is why: the coach wants you to strike the ball as close to the sweet spot of the racket as possible. To put it simply, the sweet spot is the area of the racket that will […]


How Teachers Can Turn A Disability Into Possibility

These words from a special education teacher changed my life, “Roger, the only real handicap is a negative attitude.” It was the inspiration and encouragement of educators that enabled me to turn my disability into a possibility. An excellent teacher can serve as a powerful and encouraging role model for a child long after the […]


The Power of Preparation!

I wish you could have been there. A few years ago, I was asked to speak during the National Sales Meeting for a Fortune 500 Company at the Orlando Convention Center in Florida. Prior to my speech, I met with the Senior Vice President who was responsible for emceeing the conference. As we were reviewing […]


How to Live Your Dreams

Take a look at the happiest, most successful people on the planet. You will find that they are all doing something they love; creating something they believe in; living a life of purpose and passion. They are living their dreams! When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart […]


Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

We have a five pound Pomeranian named Macaroon, yes – like the coconut cookie! He rules our roost with his leonine mane and black teddy bear eyes. If you know anything about Pomeranians, they have no clue they are as large as a lampshade. They believe they can total a T-Rex…or at least bark him […]


How to Break through Self-imposed Limitations

In my presentations, a message I frequently share with audiences is “Real handicaps can be overcome; it is the self-imposed handicaps that hold us back.” Here’s the difference. A handicap is valid and unchangeable, whereas a self-imposed limitation is imaginary and changeable. Karen Keller, Ph.D. calls self-imposed limitations “Your personal glass ceiling.” Self-imposed limitations can […]


How to Turn Positive Expectations into Positive Results

In over thirty years as a motivational speaker and writer, I had the privilege of studying and learning from people who had accomplished a wide range of ambitious goals such as starting a new business, running a successful non-profit to even completing their very first marathon. Although these goals were vastly different, the process they […]


Don’t Scream!

During my frequent trips to the airport, I pass by Scandia Fun Center located next to highway 80, in Sacramento. One of the main attractions is a ride called the Sky Screamer. Your journey of anguish begins by being strapped into a fragile looking seat, elevated to a height of 168 ft., then launched face first towards the ground at […]


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