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How to Decrease Excuses and Increase Results!

My life experience has taught me that having a physical handicap won’t necessarily disable you; however, the habit of excuse-making surely will. All of us, regardless of our circumstances in life, can convince ourselves that we have a good excuse. However, excuses create a self-imposed handicap that is guaranteed to disable your performance and motivation. […]


How to Dispute Negative Thinking

What I have learned from positive thinkers is this. They have negative thoughts like everyone else. However, they have learned to dispute or argue with their pessimism. In other words, they don’t allow negative thinking to gain traction or momentum. When you surrender to negative thinking – the more powerful it becomes. This is important […]


How to Break through Self-imposed Limitations

In my presentations, a message I frequently share with audiences is “Real handicaps can be overcome; it is the self-imposed handicaps that hold us back.” Here’s the difference. A handicap is valid and unchangeable, whereas a self-imposed limitation is imaginary and changeable. Karen Keller, Ph.D. calls self-imposed limitations “Your personal glass ceiling.” Self-imposed limitations can […]


How To Develop A Positive Self-Image

I have no doubt you’ve probably had a conversation like this at some point during your lifetime… Our family was enjoying dinner together one night, and the question was posed, “What animal are you most like, and what characteristics do you possess that suggest this animal?” We decided that we’d each state our choice, and […]


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