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The Play to Win Mindset

This year’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament has been nothing short of exceptional with 35-year-old Roger Federer winning his 8th Wimbledon. It’s also his 19th Major Championship. Both are all-time records. What makes his victory even more extraordinary is that he had knee surgery last year which required a six-month layoff from competition. Federer had also not […]


How to Ignite 2017!

It’s not every day that you nearly set a television news anchor’s hair ablaze!  I had the honor of being selected to carry the Olympic Torch in San Francisco. My run began in picturesque Union Square and finished in historic China Town. As I was nearing the end of my relay segment, I unexpectedly found […]


The Difference Between Possible and Impossible

What would you like to attempt that you often thought was impossible? Is it really out of your reach, or is it because you do not believe you can do it? Too often, we underestimate ourselves and overestimate others. Below are four possibility-busting beliefs that often make a difference between what is possible and impossible. […]


How to Turn Positive Expectations into Positive Results

In over thirty years as a motivational speaker and writer, I had the privilege of studying and learning from people who had accomplished a wide range of ambitious goals such as starting a new business, running a successful non-profit to even completing their very first marathon. Although these goals were vastly different, the process they […]


How A Fog Dog Can Change Our Perspective

The definition of a Fog Dog is a bright spot sometimes seen on the horizon as the fog starts to dissipate.  Origin: From the fact that it accompanies fog as a dog accompanies its owner. If you are an experienced sailor, the term Fog Dog is likely part of your lexicon. However, if you are […]


How to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Clint Eastwood is one of the most iconic actors of our time. He has uttered movie lines that have become part of our daily lexicon. Perhaps one of your favorites is “Go ahead, make my day” or “If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.” In the military film, Heartbreak Ridge he says to his […]


How To Develop A Positive Self-Image

I have no doubt you’ve probably had a conversation like this at some point during your lifetime… Our family was enjoying dinner together one night, and the question was posed, “What animal are you most like, and what characteristics do you possess that suggest this animal?” We decided that we’d each state our choice, and […]


How To Dream Big!

Do you remember as a child being so swept up in a thought that time stood still? I still recall how wonderful that kind of daydreaming felt. It was a peaceful and harmonious state.  Or do you remember how it felt to be so focused on a balloon or a bug that everything else around […]


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