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Roger Crawford's Best Selling BooksTo Help You Believe, Execute and Achieve!

Roger Crawford has not only experienced tremendous success on the stage but also on the page. He is a best-selling author with books published in 17 languages worldwide. Roger provides the humor, inspiration, and insight to help readers discover their true potential.  In addition, Roger was a contributing writer to the very first book in the blockbuster bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

His soon to be released book Playing to Win! – How to Decrease Excuses and Increase Results brings fresh ideas to break through self-imposed barriers and close the gap between acceptable and exceptional.


Roger’s Books Will Help Inspire You To Win In Life And Work!

Think Again

The Power Of Possibility Thinking

Playing From the Heart

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity

How High Can You Bounce

Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks

Roger Crawford’s books have been designed to help you develop the attitudes and actions to do more and be more!
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