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Roger Crawford is a celebrated keynote speaker who has spent a lifetime motivating, inspiring, and elevating the performance of leaders and organizations around the world. As an NCAA Division One Hall of Fame athlete who overcame physical adversity, he knows how to help people transcend their current level of success and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

With Roger as your keynote speaker, your next meeting will be a truly transformative experience. His customizable presentations, relevant stories, and charming delivery style will keep your audience engaged, energized, and ready to take action. Roger’s ability to drive individuals and teams to excel will serve as a catalyst for new attitudes and actions that deliver real results.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have Roger Crawford as your keynote speaker. It’s an experience your audience will never forget and one that will drive your team to achieve at an elite level.

Motivational Keynote Presentations

Make Your Next Event A Game-Changing Experience!

Embracing Change Transforming
Uncertainty into Opportunity

Embrace change, adapt quickly, and seize unexpected opportunities

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Acceptable to Exceptional

The Power of Resilience: Rise and Thrive

Resilience goes beyond bouncing back

Roger Crawford is more than just an inspiration; he’s a game-changer. With a lifetime dedicated to helping organizations increase results, view change as an opportunity, execute consistently, and win, Roger has the rare ability not only to inspire but to empower your audience with actionable strategies and tactics they can use to achieve their goals.

As a speaker, Roger Crawford is the ultimate choice for organizations looking to take their performance to the next level. He’ll deliver a keynote experience that is both motivating and practical, leaving your audience with the tools and mindset they need to achieve success.

Roger Crawford will leave a lasting impression on your audience and provide them with the drive and direction they need to achieve their goals.

Virtual Presentations

Virtual Preview Video

Today, many meeting professionals are planning virtual or hybrid events. To be able to share my message with these organizations, I have developed a virtual presentation designed specifically for times like these.

This virtual presentation will be customized for your audience and delivered from my multi-camera video studio in the best available quality.

I want to make sure this virtual experience is professionally produced and extremely engaging for your team.

If you would like to discuss how a virtual meeting could increase resilience, elevate performance, and drive results, reach out to Renee Strom

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